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Experienced Sales Reps and Sales Managers / Sales Directors

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Do you want to hire good sales reps (experienced), sales trainees (entry level) or sales managers, 1 to 100+, locally, regionally or nationwide? We can help you find them. Choose one of these two great options:

Option 1 (Self-serve Testing)::
Use our potent sales assessment tests to help you recruit top Sales Trainees (Entry Level Salespeople), Experienced Sales Reps and/or Sales Managers / Sales Director / VP of Sales & Marketing.
Price (Self-serve Testing): Tests start at only $5.99 each (volume pricing). Please do one of the following, to get started:
a. Either place a Paid Order (immediate setup when paid for by Card or PayPal®; start testing right away);
b. Request a 30-day Free Trial, 10 Free Screening Tests; Test #1 (approval required; generally, 24-48 business-hours).
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Option 2 (Full-serve Testing; All-inclusive Flat Fee):
If you need good salespeople (experienced), sales trainees (entry level) or sales managers, 1 to 100+, locally, regionally or nationwide, we can help you find them, anywhere in the USA, Canada, UK or India (more countries being added, please ask).

We would do much of the work for you, such as writing your employment ad(s), advertising your job-openings on the major career portals, emailing the test-invitations, testing the job-applicants on your behalf, etc. Then we shall refer the top screened / tested applicants to you, for you to interview, to help you ramp up quickly and with minimal effort. Build the best sales team, and keep your sales training classes and your sales staffing pipeline full at all times!

Our full-service sales assessment testing package includes the following (customizable; please ask):
a. INCLUDED: A Full-page EMPLOYMENT AD (30-day online posting; renewable) on BOTH Monster.com® AND CareerBuilder.com® or on any other two (2) major career portals, as appropriate (Dan Joy Inc is not affiliated with Monster or CareerBuilder). We would post the ads, and set up the auto-responders, pre-qualification questionnaire(s) and mailbox(es), as applicable.
b. INCLUDED: The WRITING of an effective employment ad (with your input) to help you attract the right kind of sales talent, is included! Receiving up to 300-500+ applications / resumes during the first 30 days is not uncommon.
c. INCLUDED: Up to 250 TEST-UNITS, as follows (choose any scenario below; customizable, please ask):
(i). If hiring experienced sales professionals (Salespeople or Sales Manager / Sales Director): Up to Two Hundred and Fifty (250) Screening Test units (Test #1) and Twenty-five (25) Final Test units (Test #2 or Test #3), per month, per location, are included in the low flat fee;
(ii). If hiring Sales Trainees (entry-level or under-experienced Salespeople): Up to Two Hundred and Fifty (250) Sales Talent Test units (Test #4) per month, per location, are included in the low flat fee;
(iii). If hiring BOTH experienced as well as under-experienced Salespeople for the SAME position): Up to Two Hundred and Fifty (250) Sales Talent Test units (Test #4) per month, per location, are included in the low flat fee.
d. INCLUDED: We would EMAIL up to Two Hundred and Fifty (250) TEST-INVITATIONS to your applicants, per month, per location, on your behalf, to help you find good sales people and/or sales managers (customizable; please ask). Save time, effort and money! Keep your sales recruiting pipeline and sales training classes full at all times, from just one month to all year long!
e. INCLUDED: All qualifying applicants (the TOP scorers) will be REFERRED to you (from up to 250 tested per month, per location), for a possible interview (and/or Final Testing, if applicable). Choose the best one(s). You will have access to the Report Cards and resumes of ALL of the applicants tested on your company's behalf (hire as many as you like, even up to 500+, no restrictions! Great value!).
f. FREE / BONUS: Annual ONLINE STORAGE feature activated, to save your applicants' testing history and their uploaded resumes online (up to 300 highest scorers for each type of test; total up to 1,200). Keep your sales staffing / sales team building pipeline full, from just one month to all year long!
Price (Full-serve Testing; All-inclusive Flat Fee): The all-inclusive Full-service testing package starts at only $750 per week, per location (5-week minimum), and includes ALL of the above (Yes! Up to 250 Sales Assessment Tests are also included!). SAVE up to thousands of dollars! Enjoy virtually effortless local, regional or national sales-team building. Please Contact Us now, to request a formal quote!

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