Top Pre Employment Test -- Sales Assessment Testing Trounces Sales Aptitude Tests or Sales Personality Testing

Pre employment tests of sales aptitude, or sales personality tests are blind to a job applicant's experience or training, and should not be disguised as sales assessments; employers can receive 10 Free "REAL" sales assessment tests from Dan Joy, Inc.


HOLLYWOOD, FL, September 29, 2009 -- The old-style sales personality tests and sales aptitude tests often try to disguise themselves as sales assessment tests, which they are not. Conventional personality tests are "blind" to the impact of a job applicant's experience, sales training and knowledge of sales techniques. The JOY Tests (TM) of Total Sales Ability (TM) do not have this limitation. Businesses can receive 10 Free sales assessment tests from Dan Joy, Inc. (

A fresh college graduate with no sales experience and a top producing sales superstar with 25 years of sales experience may both score 85% on a sales personality test if they share similar personality traits. However, in the real world of selling the sales superstar may outsell the inexperienced salesperson by a hundred to one. The old sales personality tests are inadequate for hiring top-producing experienced salespeople, and should not be camouflaged as sales assessments.

However, The JOY Tests (TM) of Total Sales Ability (TM) do test for all of the following:

1. Sales Prospecting (Leads Generation) Ability.

2. Appointment Setting, Cold Calling, Rapport and Presentation Ability.

3. Objection Handling and Negotiating Ability.

4. Sales CLOSING Ability and Asking for Payment/Deposit.

5. Cementing the Sale (Re-assuring the Client), and Ability to Get Referrals.

6. Computer/Internet/Email/CRM and Sales Tools Ability.

7. Miscellaneous Crucial Sales & Marketing Abilities (various Secondary Factors such as Personality, Psychology, Skills, Aptitude, Ethics, etc).

8. Sales Team Recruitment Ability.

9. Sales Team Management/Leadership/Motivation Ability.

10. Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations Ability.

The potent JOY Tests (TM) can be used to test Business Development professionals at different career levels, e.g., a Salesperson, Sales Manager, Sales Director or VP of Sales & Marketing. These accurate sales assessments can also be used for testing Manufacturer's Reps, Sales Engineers, Distributors and Franchisees.

So, how can employers tell which job applicants can really sell? They can start with 10 Free sales assessment test units (Screening Tests) at:

About Dan Joy, Inc.

Dan Joy, Inc. is a socially responsible company, and donates five percent (5%) of its global profits to help children in need, as well as to support other good social, community and humanitarian causes and medical research.

The JOY Sales Tests (TM) were invented by Mr. Dan Joy, CEO of Dan Joy, Inc., who is an acknowledged Sales & Marketing scientist. He has a five-year degree in Mechanical Engineering, an MBA in Marketing (GPA 4.0/4.0), many awards and honors, and over 21 years of multinational business development experience. Dan has made thousands of sales presentations and sales calls in several different countries, often outselling 3-5 of his immediate peers combined. He has also built high-performance sales teams.

Dan believes that his unique sales assessment tests serve the greater good, help make the Sales & Marketing profession stronger, lead to better compensation for the truly capable sales professionals, and help employers achieve their goals more effectively -- so, everybody wins!

The low priced JOY Sales Tests (TM) are the world's first tests of Total Sales Ability (TM), and are very affordable even for small businesses.

More information is available at:


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