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>> Press Releases and Media Inquiries: If you are a writer, reviewer or mass-media professional, we would greatly appreciate it if you can please tell your readers or audience about how The JOY Sales Tests (tm) can help them recruit good sales and marketing talent, and help them grow their businesses (see Press Releases below). They would appreciate knowing about our sales assessment tests, especially during these tough economic times. However, please do read our Trade Secrets Statement below first. Thank you!
Trade Secrets Statement: Given the unique and proprietary nature of our online sales assessment testing technology, please note that no one may access this website, web-application or Service for the purposes of monitoring its availability, performance or functionality, or for any other benchmarking, analysis, comparison or competitive purposes. Any such use for reasons of competitor analysis, comparison with any other website, product or service, or divulging our Trade Secrets including but not limited to test questions, test answers, testing technology and/or test scoring methodology is absolutely prohibited. Your cooperation and understanding would be greatly appreciated!
* Download Press Releases:

Mar 04, 2013: Sales Assessment Tools Help Hire Sales Hunters and/or Sales Farmers

May 28, 2012: Sales Assessment Test; Hire Sales Hunters, Sales Farmers; Sales Skills Gap Analysis

Oct 04, 2010: Pre-employment Sales Assessment Tools Demystify How to Hire Sales Reps.

May 04, 2010: Sales Ability Test with AccuDecide (tm) Technology for Customer Service.

Jan 04, 2010: Top Pre Hire Sales Assessment Test Surpasses Sales Aptitude Tests.

Sep 29, 2009: Top Pre Employment Testing, Sales; Pre Employment Screening Test, Sales.

Sep 12, 2009: Breakthrough in Pre Employment Testing and Sales Personality Tests.

Jun 30, 2009: Old Sales Aptitude Tests or Sales Personality Testing Inadequate.

Jan 01, 2009: Sales Assessment Testing Service Helps Build Sales Teams.

Oct 19, 2008: Sales Assessment Tool Integration with Employment Portals.

* Serving the Greater Good: When you tell others about this site, you may help give back to society, and make an even greater positive difference in the world. Dan Joy, Inc., donates at least Five Percent of its online testing profit to help children in need, as well as to support other good social, community and humanitarian causes, and medical research. Plus, it is our sincere belief that our tests help make the Sales and Marketing profession stronger, lead to better compensation for the truly capable sales and marketing professionals, and help the employers achieve their goals more effectively -- so, everybody wins! Thank you for your kindness!
* PR Materials: Please browse through our site, see the "Why Us?" page, read the Inventor-Bio and Partnering info, or request the latest News Release or pictures through our Contact Us page.
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