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>> Sample Screens: You (or your Assistant) will be able to administer the tests effectively and efficiently, even for a large number of Applicants. Our fully integrated system organizes, tracks, updates and saves the candidates' testing progress, test scores, etc., and helps you monitor and follow-up easily. This self-serve system is very easy to use, but we shall gladly provide free user training if needed. Courteous and FREE "Live" Technical Support is available by Phone, Fax or Email.

1. Your Control Panel: This is the main screen from where you can Administer your Account, and launch various other actions such as Email the Test Invitations, Track the Testing Progress, Give Final Tests on the Day of the Interview, View the Test Scores, Print the Candidates' Report Cards (Test Results) for the Interviewer's use, and do a lot more.
Screen1: Control Panel
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2. Emailing the Screening Test Invitations: You can easily Email the SCREENING TEST invitation (web-link) to any applicant(s) whom you wish to test. They can take the Screening Test in the comfort of their own home. The Screening Test Report Card will include a suggestion regarding whether or not to invite the applicant to an actual Interview. Save time and money, and avoid the aggravation of interviewing any non-candidates.
Screen2: Give Screening Test
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3. Report Card: Invite only the pre-screened top candidates to an actual interview. Then give them a FINAL TEST on the day of the interview on any Internet-enabled computer at your location (the link for the Screening Test is emailed, but the Final Test is to be given at your location to help protect you against the possibility of candidate-substitution). Just have the Final Test's Report Card in front of you (online or printed) when you conduct the final interview. Simple, easy to understand 1-page Report Cards!
Screen3: Sample Report Card
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30-Day Free Trial

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