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Sales Assessments, Sales Assessment Tests and Sales Test. Q: How can you tell if your job applicants can sell?

A: Make them take our
Sales Assessment Test, and you will know!

Do You Want to Hire THE BEST Salespeople (Top 2%)?
Double Your Sales, and Retain the Salespeople Longer?
Cut Interviewing Time to Just 10 Minutes per Candidate?

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Try The JOY Tests TM: World's First in "Total Sales Ability" Assessment TM

1. Do you hate paying for salespeople who cannot sell?

2. Are you tired of constantly recruiting new salespeople?

3. Are you fed-up of wasting your time interviewing non-candidates?

4. Are you unsure of what questions to ask during a sales interview?

5. Could a better cash-flow (more sales) help you grow your business?

If you answered "Yes" to any of the above, you have come to the right place.

Take the first step towards FREEDOM from sales stress now: Free Trial!
Free Trial, The JOY Sales Tests (tm)
Would this help you make a well-informed hiring decision? See Sample Report Card.

* More Benefits: Retention, performance and attrition problems are minimized when you hire the best salespeople. Cash flow improves. Predictability increases. Sales projections become more accurate. Planning for growth becomes easier. A JOY Sales Ability Test (tm) can help you with ALL of the above!
* Unique Technology: Hiring good salespeople is one of the hardest things for a business owner or hiring executive. Not any more! Dan Joy, Inc., offers the first and best sales assessment tests of Total Sales Ability (tm). The JOY Sales Ability Tests (tm) go above and beyond the mundane psychological / personality tests by testing for the candidate's Total Sales Ability (tm) -- the actual street smarts of Professional Selling. We test for Sales Prospecting Ability, Objection Handling Ability, Sales Closing Ability, Personality, Psychology and much more!
* Serving the Greater Good: Your support of this website helps give back to humanity. Dan Joy, Inc., donates at least Five Percent of its online sales testing profit to help children in need, as well as to support other good social, community and humanitarian causes, and medical research. Thank you for your kindness and for making a positive difference!
* Benefiting Employers and Employees: Our sales assessment tools help make the Sales and Marketing profession stronger. The JOY Sales Tests (tm) are to be used for recruiting experienced Business Development (Sales and Marketing) professionals only, and only for stable and legitimate jobs paying livable wages and/or fair compensation. Our powerful sales assessment tools are not to be used to recruit for entry level, exploitative or Pyramid Scheme / Multilevel Marketing (MLM) positions.
Full Serve -- Sales Assessments

30-Day Free Trial

Top Sales Assessment Tool, Sales Assessment Testing, Sales Test!

DanJoy.biz: The Worldwide Gold Standard in Online Sales Assessments.TM

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