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Top Indo-US Business Development Consultant, India USA.

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Business Development (Sales & Marketing) Consulting

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>> Business Development Consulting: If your sales team has to try too hard or resort to "begging" for orders, often cutting prices drastically in order to land the sale (at low profit margins) then your company probably has poor branding, weak positioning, a feeble sales posture, ineffective leads generation, substandard sales tools, improper internal systems and/or inadequate training. Just hiring good salespeople might not solve the problem. As a Consultant, Mr. Dan Joy (Bio) can help you:
1. As much as DOUBLE your sales in 1-3 Years through the Science of Marketing!
2. Create Competitive Advantage (Branding / Positioning / Unique Value Proposition).
3. Neutralize your competitor(s) -- legally, morally and ethically.
4. Generate Leads or guide your PR/Ad Agency in creating compelling campaigns.
5. Attain Critical Mass quickly (Product Launch, Channel Sales, Public Relations).
6. Build internal Sales & Marketing Systems to help Close Sales and Land New Accounts.
7. Cross the Chasm, Expand Market-share rapidly, and Dominate your Markets...
Full Serve -- Sales Assessments
>> Fee: Mr. Dan Joy charges by the project (plus any out-of-pocket and travel expenses). The initial consultation is free. Typical Projects run in the range of $10,000 to $50,000 or more. However, Dan is very selective, and will only advise socially responsible companies. Please Fax or Email him a brief description of your goals, and provide all relevant information (vision, goals, timeframe, challenges, strengths, competition, etc). We shall then get in touch with you to set up a 15-minute free and confidential initial phone consultation with Mr. Dan Joy. You may also use the Contact Us page to write to us.
>> Board / Advisory Role: As your company's Board Member or Strategy Advisor, Mr. Dan Joy may be able to help you capture market-share rapidly, in both Domestic and International markets.
30-Day Free Trial

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